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Welcome to the QuizMoz Mother Daughter Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

A quiz is a method to upgrade your knowledge about certain topic.This quiz is about Mother Daughter
1. What is your relationship like with your mother/daughter?
a.Can't stand her
b.Love her
c.Sometimes we talk
d.We never see each other
2. Mother Daughter relationship is very____ relation
d.all above
3. In Mother Daughter relation mother is
4. At the age of 5 Daughter wants to be ____ like mother
d.all above
5. In Mother Daughter relation both are like
d.all above
6. Mother Daughter is the ____ above all relation
c.non important
d.none of these
7. Mother Daughter relation is
c.both a and b
d.none of these
8. Mother Daughter _____ everything
c.both a and b
d.none of these
9. Mother Daughter relation is undefinedable
10. Mother Daughter relation is best
11. do u love ur mom
12. The most important thing in a mother-daughter relationship is
d.all of the above
13. if you loved someone and your mother doesn`t let you get married to him what would you do?
a.run away with him
b.fight with her
c.Explain your mother
d.get married to him
14. If your mother is angry with you what will you do
a.Give her flower
b.Give her a party
c.Hug her
d.All of the above
e.None of the above
15. Who is the best family member
a.your friend
b.your mother
c.None I hate this question!!
d.all abovE
16. why do mother daghter fight
a.they love eachother
b.they hate eachother
c.all of the above
d.none of the above
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What others think about Mother Daughter
By: Mari on Jul 31, 2013
  Don't know
By: kaitlyn on Jun 9, 2013
  we have a stable mother daughter bonding and spending every minute that we have
By: Vamika on May 30, 2013
  Allways love your mom!
By: Vanessa on Apr 30, 2013
  I think my mom and I will have moments where we would have to work on some things and some things me and her will have a good time but no matter what my mama will forever be my loving caring mommy (:
By: Emily Johnson on Apr 14, 2013
  I love my mom and she loves me and we get mad at each other but we always make up I know my mom and she would never ever not talk to me again I'm a moments girl and I love her
By: Ellie on Mar 31, 2013
  I love my mum
By: Paris on Mar 29, 2013
  she is sooooooo nice
By: Asia on Mar 6, 2013
  i just want an answer. this is unesessary
By: Mahlaku jiyane on Aug 7, 2011
  My mom means the world to me and i Love her.i think she is the best mom in the whole world
By: sehrish on Jun 17, 2011
  my mother is very far of me . i love my mother because i am alone without my mother
By: angel on Feb 15, 2011
  mother is good i love my mom i am 2 years old love you mom mmmuuhhh
By: beth & Elize on Jan 11, 2011
  Its something special
By: moni petty on Dec 30, 2010
  the most precious relationship
By: Bhumika on Nov 1, 2010
  A daughter can't understand her mother ever and ever
By: Nicole Aucamp on Sep 8, 2010
  mother is a cool person
By: Pansika on Sep 7, 2010
  Mothers are like God Please don't LET them CRY!!!
By: jeeya on Sep 1, 2010
  My mother and me discuus every thing
By: Jasmine on Jul 31, 2010
  I Love my mum
By: jenny on Jul 18, 2010
  i really dnt get along with my mother AT ALL..i think sumthing is really wrong if we cant get it together by now..evn wen i think about it i cry cus i neva really ask our relationship to be lyk this but somehow it is =(..i wish we were closer and i cud tell her nethin ...guess i have to deal
By: SHIVANI ARYA on May 30, 2010
By: divyam on Apr 16, 2010
  This is the most important relationship. A daughter raised by a loving nurchering and hard working mother will raise the next generation in the same manner. Less social problems Mother and daughter relationship is kind of like commitment in my opinion and in that commitment they feel close to each
By: Hrushic on Apr 6, 2010
  Thank you very much for this quiz. I would like to tell all girls that Mothers are angels.Never hurt them or say things that will break their kind hearts.One day they won't be by your side and that time it will be too late to treat them right. Always listen to their advice and opinions.
By: kritika on Apr 4, 2010
  i love my mother very much
By: yazz on Feb 21, 2010
  never tell ur mother anything unless u 2 are realy close luv ja yazz
By: lorrranie on Feb 17, 2010
  a mother daugther is something good some people dont have a mother so if u dont like your mother think a agin
By: krittika on Feb 6, 2010
  my mom is the best mom.
By: krittika on Feb 5, 2010
  remember your mom always stands for you in some problem and a daughter always also stand for her mom
By: krittika on Feb 5, 2010
  my mom is the best and is so loving
By: elizabeth on Jan 30, 2010
  i would like to tell everyone that you should get along with your mom you gise should be best friends tell eachother secrets shes your friend tell her everything
By: swathi on Jan 28, 2010
  my mother scold me in front of my friend.but i am loving her after my death also.a mother is a friend to share our feelings
By: ilovedressup on Jan 27, 2010
  I love my mum..my mum is a good mum cuz i done something wrong,she tell me nicely..and she always tell me to do my homework..
By: ruku on Jan 26, 2010
  enjoy it
By: Imani on Jan 17, 2010
  Mother and daughter relationship is kind of like comittment in my opinion and in that comittment they feel close to eachother and they trust eachother where they can talk about anything and can get eachothers opinions.
By: anshu on Jan 17, 2010
  i discuss but not everything
By: Chaya Sabina on Jan 14, 2010
By: sadia mian on Dec 4, 2009
  This is the most important relationship. A daughter raised by a loving nurchering and hard working mother will raise the next generation in the same manner. Less social problems
By: Lena on Nov 19, 2009
  My mother is simply the best.
By: Annah on Nov 2, 2009
  this was good and interactive
By: DIKSHITA on Nov 2, 2009
By: fiza on Oct 19, 2009
  love love my moher
By: ASHWINI on Oct 14, 2009
  Mother Is Real God On the earth
By: mily on Oct 1, 2009
  rember in your heart we should always love our mother even if she hits us or yells at us it is for our own good:)
By: joelle on Sep 24, 2009
  i love this quiz its the best
By: sonu on Sep 24, 2009
  very superb got a fight with mom take this quiz and resolve the problem believe me it works love you all
By: Areeba n Momina on Sep 22, 2009
  good quiz
By: jennifer on Sep 9, 2009
  a mother daughter realtionship is fun, hard, and all if the above but right now im lovin my mother daughter realtionship with my daughter because she's still young.
By: laura on Sep 3, 2009
  i like this quizz
By: tink on Aug 31, 2009
  my mom and me do not get along at all. i think we should she thinks we shouldnt. i think right she thinks left. i think wrong, she thinks right. but we force ourselves to get along cause the most important thing in a relationship is luv
By: ASHLYNN on Aug 19, 2009
  yay i love my mommie
By: emma on Aug 17, 2009
  my mum is the best mum ever because she always tells the truth to me and i will always love her forever and ever
By: lily on Aug 13, 2009
  your relationship is very special, though sometimes a fight can get in the way. dont let a fight, series of fights, even a bad few years ruin that. youll be sorry
By: cAtera on Aug 6, 2009
  A great quiz
By: maha on Aug 6, 2009
  ma mom iz da best
By: Asia on Jul 25, 2009
  love ya mom
By: robyn on Jul 25, 2009
  mum and daughter relationship is amazing
By: Holly on Jul 2, 2009
  there will be tons of relationships in your life but one that helps you through all of them. mother and daughter relationship is very important it can shape who you are in the future.
By: joe on Jun 18, 2009
  my mom is the best.i will never
By: crystal on Jun 14, 2009
  heheh..i love my mooommmmmyyyy sooo much!
By: rebeka on May 25, 2009
  i love u mom...........................
By: Leah on Apr 19, 2009
By: lisa on Apr 7, 2009
  mopther daughter realtionship is very important
By: Jen on Feb 6, 2009
  Mother daughter relationships are very important i believe.
By: KF on Feb 2, 2009
  Just keep thanking God for making you a daughter!
By: taylor on Oct 25, 2008
  your mom is your friend too

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